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By Frankie

Karma isn’t a b!tch, she’s a stalker.

Before I was 40 with three kids, I was 19.

I was a ward of the state and when I aged out of the system I didn’t have anywhere to go.

Back then, in Jacksonville, Florida, a 19-year-old without family could become a hairdresser or a stripper. I chose stripping.

I was good at it. I made more money back then as a stripper than I do today as a teacher.

My fetish was married men.

I’d seduce them, become their every fantasy just for the thrill of enticing them to leave their wives.

I was cruel. As soon as a trick told his wife he was leaving her, I would dump him. He would disappear from the club for a month or so out of shame. When he returned, I would shower him with attention (and after-hours s3x) and he’d spend twice as much on me.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Looking back, I targeted married men because I was envious of their wives…I figured if I didn’t have a loving family home, why should they?

One trick didn’t go away quietly and he tried to slit my neck. The bouncer saved me. I took my coins and moved.

I left Florida. I did the boring thing, graduated from college became a teacher and became a wife and mother…in ATLANTA.

Let me warn you, Atlanta is NOT a place to start a family or keep a husband.

These women are beautiful, young and thirsty. They all want to be housewives and they’ll take your husband to achieve that.

Back to karma, my husband told me on my birthday that he was leaving our family, that he must be true to his heart.

I expected the husband-stealing karma to arrive as a 19-year-old stripper, but nope; karma was a 30-year old male barber.

I found out the hard way that karma also has a cruel sense of humor.

Hopefully, my debt is paid in full.

Pray for me y'all. 😭

Image: Posed by professional model.


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