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How I Got The Best Revenge

By Nikki Johnson

Let me tell you how I got rid of my no-good husband and got revenge on his side-chick.

Xmas, 2019: Claudia, a frenemy from college, hit me up on Facebook to tell me that she has a great opportunity for me to be my own boss, and that she bumped into my husband at the store.  “He’s STILL fine. I can’t believe y’all got married.” 

My husband was fine in college (when he cheated on me with Claudia) and he’s fine today. BUT everything that looks good ain’t good for you. 

My husband decided—without my input—that he wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, and he spent the majority of our 4-year marriage trying to get me pregnant (we failed).

Miraculously, he got an ex-girlfriend pregnant but refused to acknowledge the child.
That was a low point in our union. 
But as soon as our marriage hit rock bottom, my husband began to dig. 

My cheating husband was caught in bed with a married woman and that woman’s husband stabbed him. Can you imagine the shame I felt having to pick him up from the hospital under THOSE circumstances? 

Lord, after the stabbing my husband had a new limp and a brand new colostomy bag 💩. 

Claudia didn’t know about the poop bag, and they begun to text each other.

Her: “I can’t wait to feel you…” Him: “Let’s take it slow. I wanna BUILD a life with you.”

What he REALLY meant is that he’s got a brand new poop bag, but whatever.

Claudia was competitive. The “I-don’t-trust-females,” loud “PICK ME” type who didn’t feel worthy until she was under someone else’s man. Claudia was also desperate for money.

Under normal circumstances, I would have ignored Claudia’s DM. But those were not normal times, and in that snake Claudia, I saw an opportunity. 

I met with Claudia and listened to her pitch about her pyramid scheme, MLM makeup company. I said slowly, “My husband has all the money. I’ll have to ask him.” Claudia’s eyes widened.

I confronted my husband about the text messages with Claudia. He tried to flip the script, “Why you unlocking my phone with my fingers when I’m sleep?!” But I told him that I forgave him and that I didn’t want to argue.

“If you love someone, set them free, right?” I said.

“Claudia is rich, she can support the lifestyle you deserve, and I feel I’m holding you back.” He was silent. I continued, “Move out and move on. I’ve already told Claudia I’m okay with it.”

My husband moved out while I was at work.

It stung a little, but it was for the best.

One week later, they BOTH were blowing up my phone.

Claudia wanted that beautiful unemployed man with the colostomy bag out of her crib. He wanted nothing to do with Claudia after he found out she’s not rich, but she’s poorer than me because she works multiple jobs and spends the little money she has on a pyramid scheme.  

Her: “Come get yo husband.”  Also, “Are you ready to invest in my MLM program?” 

Him: “Babe, I wanna come home.” 

Me, in group chat with both of them: “Love takes time. Work it out. I believe in y’all. ❤️”

I changed my locks and filed for divorce.

My EX husband moved on with yet another woman and Claudia made angry posts about how he used her and ruined her credit.

I’m divorced and I’m at peace. 


(Image: Posed by professional model.)


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