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BETRAYED and ASHAMED: Annie’s Divorce Story

By Annie

No one knows why I’m getting divorced, because it’s embarrassing, my bestie died in 2020, and, frankly, I’m still in shock.

Here’s what happened: I came home from work and found my naked husband on the couch, with my 20-year-old godsister Brittany grinding on his lap.

They were both so high that they didn’t realize they were caught in the act.

I unleashed a fit of VERBAL rage until they dislodged from one another in a drugged-out, slow motion. 

Thankfully I’m a social worker and this job gives me the restraint—and forethought—to never get physical in such situations. Had I assaulted them, I would’ve lost my job and gone to jail.

Who were these people? I didn’t recognize them anymore. 

My soon-to-be-ex husband of 4 years was an upstanding, compassionate man who loved me and took care of our home. He had a good job as a trucker.

He lost that job after an accident revealed he was high on meth. Then he lost his beautiful teeth. 

Finally, he lost my trust and respect.

Brittany (her mother was my best friend, she died from C0VID in 2020), moved in a few months ago after she lost her mother’s house to foreclosure.

Brittany was the little sister I always wanted but never had. She was working 2 part-time jobs to save money for an apartment. But there she was, drugged out and betraying me in my own home.

Brittany apologized as I packed her things and sent her on her way.

A few days later, she asked to borrow some money and/or stay with me again because she was sleeping in her car and she was cold at night. I kindly told her to park under a streetlight for heat.

I’m trying to evict my soon-to-be-ex husband legally, but he’s playing hardball. He wants me to pay him $5,000 for the divorce and for him to leave the house for good. 


Instead, I spent $3,000 on an attorney to make sure he has nothing but the dirty drawers on his backside when he leaves my house.

Nothing prepared me for the f*ckery I walked into that day. I’m still ashamed of getting played and now, getting a divorce. 

I’ve been blindsided by the double betrayal but finally I’m making moves to get myself together.

Pray for me.

(Photo: Posed by professional model).


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