We're super excited to highlight women who had to swim upstream to find success.

Our Operation: Transformation blog series features first-person tales of the dream, the struggle and the success. Here are just a few:

Suzette's Secret: Self Love Didn't Come Easy Until I Did This

For much of her life, Suzette didn't feel loved. One bold act would change everything.

Green Smoothie Bliss

Rhonda Alexander did not want to succumb to diabetes, so she invented a Green Smoothie Bliss lifestyle.

5 Fitness Tips That Work!

Caprice cheated death. Now she helps others to live healthier lifestyles.

Kenyatta's Journey From Alcohol Hell to Inner Peace

Kenyatta's blog begins with her waking up in a jail cell with a head injury. Kenyatta's journey is dark and gritty, until she works to change her ways.

They All Doubted This Teen Mom--Until She Did This

Andrea Nicole had a Hollywood dream, and not even her mother would support it. Andrea shares how she took control of her destiny.

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