What We Do

We are so much more than just bloggers. Here's a snapshot of what we're all about.


​From celebrity interviews, to personal stories of triumph, the Six Brown Chicks bloggers share our stories in the name of service several days per week. We remain one of the top-visited blogs in Chicago and beyond.


The cornerstone of Six Brown Chicks is authenticity.

As authors, businesswomen, public speakers, and philanthropists, we are real women with uplifting stories to tell.


A small group of female blog advocates can be a powerful voice for your brand. 

We offer blog-hosted product or resource campaigns, advertising, cross-promotion and social media outreach on various outlets to help launch or promote your product/brand.


​National college tour to teach students positive social media practices; weeklong camp activities for teen girls; relationship panels; women's health and wellness seminar; you name it, we've done it, all in the name of community service.

And there's so much more work to do!

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